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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

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“Those that know, do.

Those that understand, teach”


Welcome to Sundara Yoga Teacher Training!

We are so happy to welcome you to our site. Our yoga teacher training offers a calm and tranquil space for practising yoga in a safe and supportive environment. We believe that yoga is for everybody and everyone is welcome with an attitude, respect for the roots of yoga and passion to adapt to different bodies!

Our motto is non-dogmatic and we try to keep it real.

“Yoga allows you to find an inner peace that is not ruffled and riled by the endless stresses and struggles of life

B.K.S Iyengar

Why train to be a yoga teacher with us?

We offer you 70% of contact hours with a senior experienced yoga teacher(s) with more than 5000 of hours teaching experience. Other amazing teachers from different lineages, inter alia, some of our previous yoga teacher trainees who graduated and have proven to be wonderful teachers, will assist in this intensive teacher training throughout the year. Find out more and contact us now.

We cater for modern bodies and apply functional anatomy (you will learn what you can do to increase flexibility and strength without feeling tense or overstretching any joints.

We encourage you to find your own authentic teaching style and voice!

We offer an integrated approach, that is combine Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative with Iyengar allignment pinciples

We encourage self – inquiry and to take yoga on and off the mat

We keep standards high!

200 hour yoga teacher training

Our yoga teacher training is special because with teaching and training on full weekends, you are getting the whole 200 hours and more! There are additional hours in such that you have to complete certain tasks, are expected to research and read suggested articles and books, and it’s up to you how deep you want to dive into this self-inquiry.

Find out more about our yoga teacher training and get in touch! We will send you the curriculum, additional information and are happy to meet you for a 121 conversation. We appreciate that this is a big step and are here to help you to find the right yoga teacher training for you!

Coursework is in the form of worksheets, one practical exam, one multiple-choice exam (functional anatomy and philosophy), one short written essay, one case study, written sequences for a beginner course

Sundara Yoga Teacher Training is for real people! We want all ages and shapes to benefit from the science of yoga that respect the roots of yoga. We keep the essence of yoga alive. We adapt yoga to modern bodies! Wisdom takes time!

Senior Yoga Teacher Claudia Steinhauser Munroe