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Senior Yoga Iyengar Teacher Karin O’Bannon in Rishikesh, India 2003

When you are looking for Yoga Teacher Training Course, there are so many courses to choose from. A yoga teacher course can be life-changing and really immerse you into the philosophy, art and science of yoga. Before you sign up to a yoga teacher training, there are a few questions you may want to ask.

How to choose the right yoga teacher training?

Speak to the main teacher(s) on the course. How many years the person has been teaching? There are plenty of people offering a teacher training only after a few years teaching. Does the teacher respect the art and science of yoga. What qualifications has the main teacher(s) on the course? What training provider qualified them to be a recognized yoga teacher training provider? There are stark differences. YAP requires people to be an experienced senior yoga teacher with more than 8 years of experience.

What qualifications do you need to be a yoga instructor?

There is no “legal” certificate nor one training provider. There are more than 10,000 yoga instructors in the UK and all have different qualifications. We have chosen to affiliate ourselves with the YAP, for the above-mentioned reasons, inter alia, that you have to have at least 8 years of teaching experience before you start to teach others to be teachers. We praise ourselves in only employing the best yoga teachers on the course and the senior yoga teacher on this course has 3 different teacher trainings plus more than 15 years teaching experience.

What do you need to become a yoga instructor?

A body and a mind that lets itself transform to feel good. Ideally a passion for yoga and meditation and a desire to pass this on to others. Furthermore, determination, patience and the willingness to study

How long does it take to become a yoga teacher?

It can take anything from a few weeks to years. We offer a 200 yoga course that is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. To become a teacher takes time and patience. The first years are there to explore, observe and learn. Our course guides you to teach right from the beginning. However, we respect the art of teaching and acknowledge that like anything in life it takes years of practice and studying to become good and confident in what you are offering.

How much does a yoga instructor make a year?

It depends. If you only teach in gyms or studios, you earn an hourly wage of about £25 – 40. We will teach you how to diversify and give you savvy marketing and sales skills, so that you will not only survive but thrive as a yoga teacher

Yoga ON AND OFF THE MAT. Are you in search of discovering your authentic Self? Do you want to be free from belonging to a tribe? Do you honour that to teach yoga is more than just teaching a Vinyasa style and belong to a branded name?

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